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Safety Features

June 30, 2020
The European Union will continue to bar Americans from traveling to its member states when they open their borders on July 1st as US coronavirus cases are on the rise again. Exceptions will be granted for essential workers, including healthcare workers, diplomats, and others. If you are planning a trip to Europe please check ahead to make sure that you will not be turned away.
Thermal screening is being trialed in Terminal 2 at London’s Heathrow Airport. Perspex barriers have been erected in some airports and new Apps for passengers to order food and other services at airports are being introduced all the time.
Air General is distributing our personal protection packs to our Greeters at busy airports including foot socks (to avoid walking on the bare floor if you must remove your shoes at the security checkpoint), individual hand sanitizer packs, and disposable bags in which to place your cabin baggage to avoid germs in security bins. Our Greeters will always display the core values of Air General…….Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. Wear your mask at the airport; remember that you are permitted to carry liquid hand sanitizer through security in larger amounts now to allow for frequent use throughout your journey. Once on board, sanitize your seat area including the food tray and entertainment control panels, minimize your movements around the cabin and set the individual air flow valve to blow directly on you, which may help to keep virus germs away from your face. Travel safely!

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How to Travel Safely in our New Environment

June 24, 2020

As air travel continues to resume in the U.S. and worldwide, Air General Traveler Services remains committed to providing a “touchless” experience for our passengers to the extent possible.
Although the FAA has not mandated the use of protective face coverings during flights, individual airlines are issuing guidelines for passengers. Some airlines such as American, United and Delta are now requiring passengers to wear face coverings during their flights. Certain airports are requiring that face masks be worn in the terminals, and the rules for going through TSA security have been adjusted to require less touching of document. Our Greeters will make every attempt to inform the passengers prior to their flights of any restrictions that are in place at their location.

We highly recommend to our passengers that they follow the Center for Disease Control guidance on travel; this information can be found by following the link:
This information is updated daily so we would advise that you check with your Air Carrier and the CDC immediately before commencing travel. Air General Greeters will wear face masks, report their health status prior to arriving at the airport or train station, and will provide hand sanitizers or guide you to hand sanitizer stations.

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Resuming Summer Family Vacations

It’s that time of year again, the time for Summer Family Vacations! Allow Air General Traveler Services to assist in easing the stress of your travel this season, and start your family vacation off on the right foot by booking a personal Greeter. Our Meet and Greet service can help prepare you for the ever-changing airport experience. From coordinating your transportation, to locating the nearest pet relief areas for your four-legged family member, or assisting with social distancing and hygienre guidelines safely while at the airport or train station, our Greeters are highly skilled and trained to navigate many different situations with ease and proficiency. This experience is helpful for all ages. We provide special assistance for young persons traveling unaccompanied, for seniors who might need extra help with baggage and for people with disabilities. Families with young children often need an extra hand or set of eyes when managing all the airport formalities. Our solution offers relief from the anxiety that comes with traveling.

As a mother myself, there are countless worries going through my mind at any given moment. There are even more when traveling with my young children. A greeter’s assistance provides calm and comfort where there otherwise might be anxiety and fear. A professional greeter is a great comfort in this new world we must work our way through. The caring and compassionate nature of Air General Greeters is just what I would be looking for to complete my luxurious vacation.

Air General Reservationist
Mother of two very young childen!

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Let Us Help You Start Traveling Again

June 9, 2020
Air General Traveler Services provides Greeters at many airports and train stations across the USA. Our latest offering is at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B, which hosts American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Air Canada. These airlines combine to help make LaGuardia Airport the busiest airport in the country without transatlantic service.
Over seven years ago our Meet and Greet concierge service launched at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and soon branched out to various airports on the East Coast and in Central USA. At airports including Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and many others, we offer services to customers traveling on domestic and international flights. Our Greeters try to maintain a “touchless” concierge service to keep travelers safe as we escort them on their journey through the airport, assisting with check-in, baggage, shopping, security and lounges.
Air General Traveler Services Greeters provide a haven for all travelers, including those making a connection at the airport or train station. Whether you are flying on vacation or looking after new business dealings and new adventures, let our Greeters meet you for a seamless transportation process. Air General Greeters are able to provide a smooth transition from one flight to another, one terminal to another and even one airport to another or into town. Travelers needing extra assistance – from support with hand baggage, wheelchair assistance, even language translations – can rely on our Greeters with confidence.

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It’s a New Experience

We are proud of our Air General Greeters, most of whom were able to remain ready and able to provide Meet and Greet service at airports during the Covid-19 crisis.
Air travel is slowly returning and our team is prepared to provide outstanding service that is also safe and hygienic for everyone including themselves!

All Greeters are required to wear face masks; they must report their wellness via a series of questions prior to arriving for duty, and they are all required to take on-line training classes about best practices for social distancing and keeping customers safe while also keeping themselves safe.
Our Greeters are familiar with new airport amenities such as hand sanitizer stations, as well as new safety measures such as TSA practices of not requiring passengers to hand their boarding cards to a person. They know which concessions are open, what the new lounge hours are, and how to navigate the airport journey in as “touchless” a manner as possible.
We have relaxed our cancellation policies and reduced some fees as temporary measures for the time being.
It will not be business as usual for us! We are thinking outside the box and meeting these new challenges with vigor and determination!

Stay safe everyone – we are here for you!!

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