Preparing for Holiday Travel

This year’s holidays are quite different from last year, but it will also be different from years’ past. While we’re able to celebrate with friends and family again, for many this will be the first time we’ve traveled in nearly two years.
Are you ready to travel? Here are some helpful tips to help get you back into the travel groove, whether by plane, train or automobile.

• Check your ID’s expiration and Global Entry/TSA Precheck status. Passports and driver’s licenses are the most popular ID forms used when traveling – confirm before you travel that they are up to date and haven’t expired. When traveling internationally, many countries require at least two blank passport pages so be sure to check for that as well.

• TSA Precheck and CLEAR offer expedited services through security. TSA Precheck is managed through TSA and travelers won’t need to remove their laptop and remove their shoes. CLEAR offers a touchless experience through security. It uses your biometrics to confirm your ID and you are able to access security without additional identification. CLEAR is available at over 50 airports, is a paid for service but does offer trial programs – a helpful option when lines are long.

In addition to CLEAR and TSA Precheck, LGA’s Terminal B offers BFast, a paid for service that allows travelers, for $15, to move to the front of the line. Air General Traveler Services has been updating our clientele on this new innovation.

• When you’re ready to pack, remember there are rules about what’s allowed – and not allowed – in your carry on bag. The TSA website provides all the information needed to make sure you can keep everything you packed. The previous rule of 3.4oz (100ml) containers in a one quart bag still applies but they’ve allowed hand sanitizer containers of up to 12oz for the time being.

• Whether by plane or train, make sure to check in online and opt for notifications for any changes to your itinerary. It’s also helpful to follow the airport and train station social media accounts for any updates, particular during the winter months.

• The mask mandate for airports is still in place until at least March 18, 2022.
Some airports offer wipes and sanitizing stations and have introduced cleaner security trays. Air General Traveler Services enhances this service and offers disposable bags and wipes down trays for extra cleanliness measures. More and more shops are opening up again for those last- minute purchases.

• If you’re staying at a hotel or resort, the pandemic has changed much of what you’ve long expected for your stay. Housekeeping and restaurant offerings have changed and it is debatable what services will return. Check with your hotel for any updates and offers.

• Cities all over the US have different policies and mandates. What you know about masks and social distancing in your city may be different in another town; friends, family and city accounts will keep you updated on the latest updates for where you’re traveling.

It’s wonderful to be able to visit friends and family again so let’s do our part to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and secure. Have a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!


Air General Traveler Services has expanded its presence at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, now offering Meet & Greet concierge service at all terminals.

Air General first launched Meet and Greet service in early 2014 at Newark Liberty International Airport and expanded quickly to other airports around the country and to train stations including in Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and New York. In early 2020 Air General Traveler Services launched Meet and Greet service at LaGuardia Terminal B. Airlines operating in Terminal B include American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Air Canada.

Other airlines operating at New York’s LaGuardia Airport include Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit and Westjet.

The Meet and Greet service supports travelers arriving at the airport via car, limo, etc. and helps them with baggage, check-in, lounge access, personal shopping, transfers, security and anything else they might require. It is tailored to individual needs. The highly skilled Greeters are discreet, flexible and easily adaptable to any situation. Our reservations team is always in the background to assist with rebookings if necessary. Passengers arriving on a flight are met at the arrival gate, escorted to their luggage, and remain in communications with ground transportation so that the journey from the aircraft to a waiting vehicle is easy.

LaGuardia Airport has been undergoing a $4 billion dollar transformation. The new Terminal B opened in June 2020, featuring a bright and airy Arrivals and Departures Hall, new restaurants and shops and beautiful artwork. Construction continues at the airport to create an upgraded, state of the art experience for travelers as evidenced by the newly renovated Delta Terminal D concourse, which is still a work in progress.

LaGuardia Airport is truly becoming a world class airport!

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We are Aviation Professionals – Let us Assist You!

Air General Traveler Services Greeters are nearly all vaccinated, and they are ready to speed you through the airport processes and keep you safe and hassle-free with amenities and the most updated travel information!

We have amended some of our policies and our goal is to remain extremely flexible. If you need something special, just ask us when you make your booking! We are ready to meet you off airport, or accompany you to your hotel; we can shop, we can make your ground transportation arrangements, and our reservationists can even be your “virtual travel agent” – they are accomplished aviation professionals who know how to book flights, advise on trips, and where to find international travel regulations.

Did you know that many of our Greeters are flight attendants, former airline check-in agents and even cargo reservations staff? That means that among our team are people who know travel industry standards and how to navigate the maze of rules and processes! It’s in our blood!

Let Air General Traveler Services staff be your travel guides!


Let’s Travel Again!

We’re here for you…when you’re ready to travel!

With vaccines becoming more available and more states opening up for travelers and tourism, the demand for travel is increasing. Air General Traveler Services is ready for you when you are ready to start traveling.

Our Reservation desk is constantly monitored to manage travel requests and liaise with Greeters to ensure your experience is quick and easy. From arriving at the terminal to stepping onboard your flight, our Greeters serve as your support while navigating through the airport.

Our Greeters are up to date on airport changes and restrictions, and they liaise with the airline to help make your travel experience as smooth and seamless as possible. They are familiar with what dining and shopping options are at the terminal and if a particular lounge is open and available. Air General Greeters offer disposable foot socks, individual sanitizer wipes and disposable tote bags to protect and store your carry-on items as you go through the TSA security process.

Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible. Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with Meet and Greet travel concierge services for a touchless experience to the extent possible.

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Check Your Bags!

Whether you are traveling to a meeting and don’t have time to wait for your bag at the airport arrival baggage carousel, or you are spending a day in the city and don’t want to lug your bags along with you as you tour or explore, or you want to leave your bags at your hotel and have them delivered to the airport later in the day for your departure flight, MyBagCheck can accommodate your needs and safely store and deliver your bags for you.

MyBagCheck is an on-demand luggage delivery service which can accommodate your baggage needs and allow you the freedom to travel spend a day exploring the city while awaiting a connecting flight, or provide you with safe and expedient storage so that you can spend a day in one city before traveling onto the next city. It’s a great opportunity to maximize your time without letting travel baggage or shopping weigh you down. Spend all day shopping, then leave your bags with MyBagCheck while you go to dinner. MyBagCheck will pick-up and/or deliver to wherever you are.

Air General Traveler Services teams up with MyBagCheck so that your airport Greeter can be involved in your arrangements and assist where appropriate. Book an airport or train station Greeter with Air General Traveler Services at Book your luggage storage/delivery with

Let us help you enjoy your travels or city excursions unencumbered!