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Your Personalized Traveler Meet & Greet Concierge Experience


Our standard: professionalism, integrity, confidentiality, timeliness.


We help executives, families and individuals navigate ports and terminals.

Custom-Tailored Meet & Greet Services for All Travelers

Air General Traveler Services offers a vast array of custom-tailored Meet & Greet Services that seamlessly connects all the pieces together for busy, overwhelmed travelers. From business executives to families and individuals who need special assistance, we help navigate busy cruise ports, railway terminals and airport terminals. We provide passengers with a “touchless experience” to the extent possible.

Air General Traveler Meet & Greet Services


Our service, convenience, and expedience will give you peace-of-mind while traveling.

Our Greeters

Professional, discreet, and friendly, but most of all our greeters are adaptable to changing needs or special requests.

Our agents are professional, discreet, and friendly
Air General Traveler greeters can expedite transfers and ground transportation


We take care of the sometimes overwhelming tasks associated with business and leisure travel.

Personal touches, a welcoming smile and a friendly verbal greeting….Information, advice and assistance….Our signature concierge services!