Our Story

We spread our wings.

Cargo Warehouse Handling for international and domestic airlines.

Air General Founded in 1961

Providing a variety of specialized services for travelers was a natural progression in Air General's evolution. Our experience and insight in the airline industry gave us an inside view of how technology impacted the typical traveler experience. While some aspects of traveling became more streamlined thanks to mobile devices and kiosks, the human connection and attention to individual needs was diminishing. That’s where we built our niche. Since we had already invested years in growing a top-level support team and aligning ourselves with leaders in our field, why not spread our wings a little further and share our gold standard of services with travelers too?

Founded in 1961 as a Ramp Handling Company at Boston Logan International Airport, Air General had the unique distinction of being the first ground handler to service the new generation 747F all-cargo aircraft for Lufthansa at its inaugural touchdown on US soil in 1970. From there Air General spread its wings into Cargo Warehouse Handling for international and domestic airlines. Today, after more than half a century, Air General provides a variety of airlines with cargo-related services at 29 locations in the US as well as Cargo Security, Passenger Handling and Traveler Services.