Questions & Answers

Our staff are trained to be discreet and empathetic and have excellent face-to-face skills.

Why should I chose Air General for my travel needs?
Many of our Greeters are retired airline staff with years experience working at airports and looking after high profile passengers who require assistance, anonymity and extra care. All receive security clearance which permits them access through the TSA security line so that we can accompany passengers directly to their departing gates. Our staff are trained to be discreet and empathetic and have excellent face-to-face skills. All team members understand how to best navigate the airport infrastructure and to provide the customer with the most expeditious method to travel through the airport seamlessly.

How many travelers are permitted per booking?
We charge a standard fee for a party of four, and an additional fee per person over four in the group.
The standard event takes up to three hours; an additional hourly rate applies for events that last longer than three hours.

How will I know if my booking is confirmed?
You will receive email confirmation containing of the details of your event. If you need to modify the details, please notify us immediately at 844-377-9674.

What if I don’t see my destination listed in the cities you serve?
If you don’t see the your destination listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Can you arrange for a porter?
We will assist with your carry-on luggage and arrange for a porter or skycap for your checked-in luggage if necessary. Please let our booking agent know how many pieces of luggage you intend to be traveling with when booking the event. We can pay the porter and add this amount to your charges.

Can you assist me with the check-in process?
If you provide your full travel itinerary, we can check you in before arrival and meet you curbside with your boarding pass in hand. If you have not confirmed your flight details at time of booking, we can escort you to the check-in counter upon arrival and our greeter will ensure you receive assistance with the check-in process.

Can you arrange for a electric cart?
Typically, mobile carts are on a first-come basis and when possible, the greeter will arrange. Please advise at the time of booking if a cart will be needed and every attempt will be made the accommodate your request.

Can you arrange for a wheelchair?
Wheelchair assistance is provided by the airlines and some railway stations and cruise lines. Please let your airline know if you need a wheelchair. Our Greeter will ensure these arrangements are in place before meeting you.

Do you monitor my flight?
Yes, whether you are departing or arriving, we are constantly monitoring your flight. In the event of a delay or cancellation, you will be promptly notified and offered possible alternatives.

Can you meet me at the gate upon arrival from an international destination?
No, our Greeters can meet you at the domestic arrival gate and escort you through the TSA security procedures for departing international and domestic flights. However, we are not permitted access to US Customs areas with the exception of in Baltimore (BWI) and in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW).
When you arrive on an international flight, we wait for you at the exit of US Customs and escort you to your waiting vehicle, to your next fight or to wherever you would like to go.

Can you meet me at the gate upon arrival from a domestic location?
Yes, we will meet you upon disembarking the aircraft.

How will I know my greeter upon arrival at the terminal for a departing flight?
Your greeter will either liaise with you or your private driver beforehand to coordinate the meeting location. If we have your cell phone number, we can send you a photograph.
In most airports, you will be met curbside, in front of the terminal.

Can you assist me to the gate for departing domestic and international flights?
Yes, once we have assisted you with the check-in process, you will be expedited through the security screening and escorted to the gate area. We will remain in the gate area until you have boarded and your flight has departed the gate.

What if I am unable to locate my greeter?
We will provide you with the contact details for your greeter.
In the event you still cannot make contact, you should call our reservations/dispatch office at 844-377-9674.

Can you provide lounge access?
In some cases lounge access comes with your ticket, depending upon the class of travel you have purchased or your club membership. We can arrange and pay for lounge access if this is not the case and charge you back for this cost. Our Greeter will take you the lounge and then collect you from that point to accompany you to your boarding gate.

Can you arrange transportation and hotels?
Yes, we can assist you with point-to-point ground transportation and hotel bookings.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel within 18 hours you may be subject to a full or partial charge.

Is gratuity included in the service fee or required?
Gratuity is not included in your service fee; although appreciated, it is never required.

What age are children free?
Children under 2 years of age are free of charge.

Can you assist children traveling alone?
Each airline has different age requirements for unaccompanied minors. It’s best to check first with the specific airline. To book a Greeter for your young traveler, please contact Air General directly.

What foreign languages do your Greeters speak?
We have Greeters who speak a variety of languages. Please contact us regarding a specific language request.

Do you have affiliates in cities in which Air General does not operate?
Yes, we do and we can make all the arrangements.

Can you customize arrangements for large groups?
Yes, we frequently do so; please provide all details, and our reservations office will call you to ensure all group needs are met.

Does Air General Traveler Services provide Meet & Greet services at locations other than airports?
We do indeed meet our passengers at train stations, hotels and other locations.