Safety Features

June 30, 2020

The European Union will continue to bar Americans from traveling to its member states when they open their borders on July 1 as US coronavirus cases are on the rise again. Exceptions will be granted for essential workers, including healthcare workers, diplomats, and others. If you are planning a trip to Europe please check ahead to make sure that you will not be turned away.
Thermal screening is being trialed in Terminal 2 at London’s Heathrow Airport. Perspex barriers have been erected in some airports and new Apps for passengers to order food and other services at airports are being introduced all the time.

Air General is distributing our personal protection packs to our Greeters at busy airports including foot socks (to avoid walking on the bare floor if you must remove your shoes at the security checkpoint), individual hand sanitizer packs, and disposable bags in which to place your cabin baggage to avoid germs in security bins. Our Greeters will always display the core values of Air General:  Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. Wear your mask at the airport; remember that you are permitted to carry liquid hand sanitizer through security in larger amounts now to allow for frequent use throughout your journey. Once on board, sanitize your seat area including the food tray and entertainment control panels, minimize your movements around the cabin and set the individual air flow valve to blow directly on you, which may help to keep virus germs away from your face. Travel safely!

Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible!  Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with meet and greet travel concierge services for a “touchless experience” to the extent possible.