Let’s Travel Again!

We’re here for you…when you’re ready to travel!

With vaccines becoming more available and more states opening up for travelers and tourism, the demand for travel is increasing. Air General Traveler Services is ready for you when you are ready to start traveling.

Our Reservation desk is constantly monitored to manage travel requests and liaise with Greeters to ensure your experience is quick and easy. From arriving at the terminal to stepping onboard your flight, our Greeters serve as your support while navigating through the airport.

Our Greeters are up to date on airport changes and restrictions, and they liaise with the airline to help make your travel experience as smooth and seamless as possible. They are familiar with what dining and shopping options are at the terminal and if a particular lounge is open and available. Air General Greeters offer disposable foot socks, individual sanitizer wipes and disposable tote bags to protect and store your carry-on items as you go through the TSA security process.

Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible. Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with Meet and Greet travel concierge services for a touchless experience to the extent possible.

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