Hyde Closet – Perfect for Travelers

Rent the clothes. Own the look. Do you need a special outfit and don’t want to buy one? Are you traveling light and want to minimize your luggage? What happens if your special attire is checked in then lost or misplaced and you arrive with nothing to wear?

Rent a box of clothing from Hyde Closet!

From a one- off event to a weekly subscription, Hyde Closet delivers professionally styled and complete outfits to you. Get access to the top luxury menswear brands for a fraction of the cost. Keep them for a week and return them when you’re done. No contracts. No dry cleaning. Complimentary shipping.

Air General Traveler Services and our associates at Hyde Closet can make your travel easy, efficient and stylish!  Book an Air General Traveler Services Greeter at airports and train stations around the country to accompany you through the airport maze quickly and efficiently, and book a Hyde Box at the same time.

Make life easy!

Concierge Services for Business and Leisure Travelers.

We are pleased to offer Meet and Greet Traveler Concierge Services for business and leisure travelers. Whether traveling by air, land or sea our experienced concierge agents provide invaluable assistance for navigating busy and sometimes complex airline terminals, railway stations and cruise ports. Our agents can assist all travelers, from VIPs, entertainers and diplomats to families, groups and individuals with special needs. Since traveling can be overwhelming and stressful, our agents can take the guess-work out of collecting luggage, securing ground transportation and checking in and out at the proper location. At all times they help ensure safety to ensure a hassle-free trip and provide the comfort level that if something should go wrong with arrivals or departures, they are there to help trouble-shoot.

Air General is your best connection
to a better and even more luxurious travel experience.

We can arrange and secure safe and seamless connections and additional flights and trains as well as to hotels, conference centers and venues. Air General is your best connection to a better and even more luxurious travel experience. From arranging special touches – like champagne, special meals and luxury transportation – our traveler concierge agents care knowledgeable, discreet and well trained. They always offer warm and friendly greetings and go the extra mile for each and every traveler.

We welcome opportunities to partner with world-wide travel agents to provide meet and greet and luxury concierge services to clients in various destinations.
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