At LaGuardia Airport Terminal B The Future Of Air Travel is Bright







What air travelers want most during this COVID-19 pandemic is improved health and hygiene;  LaGuardia Terminal B keeps travelers safe with demand control ventilation and a test UV light system for cleaning escalator handrails and elevator buttons. Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipe dispensers are everywhere for the convenience of all.

At LaGuardia Terminal B, light, air and personal space are the prominent features of the gorgeous four-level, 850,000-square-foot terminal. Along with temperature checks and rapid antigen testing, new anti-Covid-19 traveler testing tools are being deployed to help airports and destinations identify infected travelers.

New signage helps guide the crowds through 16 TSA lanes. A Smart Pad System and Advanced Imaging Technology improve accuracy in carry-on and checked luggage screening. New smart conveyor belts being used in the TSA test lab will soon handle bins filled by up to five passengers at a time, sequencing them as passengers go through the larger scanning portals, using artificial intelligence and robots to separate bins by potential security risk.

Level 4 has seats in a carpeted zone for travelers and families to relax in after clearing security. They then move on to quiet boarding areas with plenty of space for armchairs, a children’s play area, lovely artwork and even an illuminated fountain.

The 17 large restrooms are well- designed with shelves above each sink to place handbags or parcels on, as well as and hands-free toilets, faucets and soap dispensers. Portable Mamavia nursing stations are available as well. Pets can use one of two pet restrooms and several pet relief areas that even include fire hydrant sculptures!

Some of the food establishments are open now such as Junior’s Cheesecake, Eli Zabar, Dos Toros, Dunkin’ Shake Shack, Healthy Gourmet and more.  Enjoy your safe air travel!

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Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with meet and greet travel concierge services for a “touchless experience” to the extent possible. Visit our website for more information.