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Cool artwork in the new LaGuardia Gateway Partners Terminal B in New York

July 21, 2020

Traveling has changed in the last few months and it’s likely you haven’t been on an airplane in a while – a sad note for most of us wanderlusts! As time goes on and restrictions open up in a safe way, we will be packing our suitcases, checking that our passports are valid and visas are confirmed, and we will also need to keep up to date on changes to travel plans. In addition to following information from the airline you’re flying on – and the airports you are flying to and from – here are some key Twitter handles to follow:

@tsa – the official Twitter account of the Transportation Security Administration. It provides information on what you can and cannot bring onboard – often with a lighthearted touch;

@terminalBLGA – LaGuardia’s Terminal B recently opened its new building, operating with four airlines. It’s a great source of what shops and restaurants are open and offers updates on the operation;

@flightradar24 – track your flight in real time!

@statedept – the official account for the US Department of State, it will update you about international travel to and from the US, including passports, visas and travel advisories;

@weatherchannel – if you’re staying close to home, The Weather Channel is one of the most trusted sites for the latest weather reports;

@xe – if you are traveling internationally, this site offers the most up to date currency tools.

And for our Air General Traveler Service passengers who visit New York City, follow @nycparks for local neighborhood events. Stay safe and happy travels!

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