Resuming Summer Family Vacations

It’s that time of year again, the time for Summer Family Vacations! Allow Air General Traveler Services to assist in easing the stress of your travel this season, and start your family vacation off on the right foot by booking a personal Greeter. Our Meet and Greet service can help prepare you for the ever-changing airport experience. From coordinating your transportation, to locating the nearest pet relief areas for your four-legged family member, or assisting with social distancing and hygienre guidelines safely while at the airport or train station, our Greeters are highly skilled and trained to navigate many different situations with ease and proficiency. This experience is helpful for all ages. We provide special assistance for all types of travelers – young persons traveling unaccompanied, for seniors who might need extra help with baggage and for people with disabilities. Families with young children often need an extra hand or set of eyes when managing all the airport formalities. Our solution offers relief from the anxiety that comes with traveling.

As a mother myself, there are countless worries going through my mind at any given moment. There are even more when traveling with my young children. A greeter’s assistance provides calm and comfort where there otherwise might be anxiety and fear. A professional greeter is a great comfort in this new world we must work our way through. The caring and compassionate nature of Air General Greeters is just what I would be looking for to complete my luxurious vacation.

— Ane, Air General Reservationist
Mother of two very young childen!


Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible!  Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with meet and greet travel concierge services for a “touchless experience” to the extent possible.