How to Travel Safely in our New Environment

June 24, 2020

As air travel continues to resume in the U.S. and worldwide, Air General Traveler Services remains committed to providing a “touchless” experience for our passengers to the extent possible.
Although the FAA has not mandated the use of protective face coverings during flights, individual airlines are issuing guidelines for passengers. Some airlines such as American, United and Delta are now requiring passengers to wear face coverings during their flights. Certain airports are requiring that face masks be worn in the terminals, and the rules for going through TSA security have been adjusted to require less touching of document. Our Greeters will make every attempt to inform the passengers prior to their flights of any restrictions that are in place at their location.

We highly recommend to our passengers that they follow the Center for Disease Control guidance on travel; this information can be found by following the link:
This information is updated daily so we would advise that you check with your Air Carrier and the CDC immediately before commencing travel. Air General Greeters will wear face masks, report their health status prior to arriving at the airport or train station, and will provide hand sanitizers or guide you to hand sanitizer stations.

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