It’s An Unusual Holiday Travel Season This Year

Airplane at High altitude above the clouds
Holiday Air Travel

Holiday air travel for 2020 will not be like any other year, but it will still be a time to reflect on the year and anticipate what’s in store for 2021 travel. While many organizations and governments are recommending people stay home and not travel, there are many people that do need to travel, so whatever your reason, here are a few suggestions to help make your travel safe.

Airports are keeping travelers updated on security wait times, providing PPE equipment for purchase and even offering testing sites such as the new one at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B. With sanitizing stations throughout the terminals and plexiglass at check in counters, the airports are constantly cleaning the terminals to make it safe to fly.

Packing your bags will be different this year.  For your carry-on, you might want to include extra masks, sanitizing wipes, shoe coverings, even a thermometer – a sign of how 2020 has changed travel. The TSA has temporarily changed its rules on the amount of hand sanitizer you can take to allow larger quantities; check the website and its social channels for any updates and what holiday items (lights, snow globes, etc.) you can take with you. If you’re traveling with gifts, consider whether you should wrap your gifts in advance or at your destination – or have your items shipped to your location. Also be sure to check your airline’s website about what is being offered onboard your flight because drinks and meals may be limited.

Most hotels and resorts allow you to check in remotely; the room cleaning procedures have improved so check their websites for details before you arrive.

Air General Traveler Services has highly qualified Greeters to support you while you travel, even accompanying you to your hotel or final destination to make the journey easier for you. Our Airport Greeters carry additional sanitizing wipes and disposable bags so your items don’t sit in possible unclean security trays and foot coverings in case you have to remove your shoes.

To book Concierge Service for your air travel, call, email or see our website at

Safe travels! Happy Holidays!

Meet Air General Greeter Janet Danker at Washington Dulles International Airport

Air General Passenger Concierge Greeter Dulles Airport

Janet Danker has been a Greeter representing the Air General Traveler Services at Washington Dulles International Airport since we began operations there five years ago. While many of our Greeters are former airline employees, Janet boasts a different background in hospitality; she offers support at the Dulles Airport USO lounge and prior to that worked in government and in schools. Rounding out her experience in customer service is her prior involvement in the restaurant business.

A Greeter is involved in more than the face-to-face contact with a client. From the time our Greeters confirm an event they begin checking flight schedules, contacting ground transportation drivers and liaising with airline colleagues at the Transportation Security Administration as necessary. This collaboration is what Janet loves – a challenge in dealing with many moving parts to ensure the passenger has a seamless experience in the airport, whether departing for their destination, arriving back home from a journey or connecting to another flight.

Janet enjoys her time at the airport – calling it a “mini-city” – and appreciates getting to know other airport colleagues. She believes now is a good time to travel, with multiple guidances in place to protect passengers. There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the airports, masks are mandatory and airlines are cleaning airplanes better than they ever have! Janet remains confident that travel is safe if passengers use common sense. “It’s good to get out,” she says. “Go on vacation, bring wipes and sanitizers, and enjoy!

Air General Greeters carry amenities to protect their passengers from COVID-19 – sanitizing wipes, foot socks in case passengers have to remove their shoes at the TSA checkpoint and disposable bags to protect briefcases, purses and pocket items that must be placed in the security bins prior to boarding.

For visitors to the DC/Virginia area, Janet suggests getting out to see the countryside. Visit Leesburg, VA for antique shopping and restaurants and the Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA. Air General Greeters can make arrangements for you, and accompany you around town to assist with shopping and reservations and setting up tour guides.

Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible!  Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with meet and greet travel concierge services for a “touchless experience” to the extent possible.

At LaGuardia Airport Terminal B The Future Of Air Travel is Bright







What air travelers want most during this COVID-19 pandemic is improved health and hygiene;  LaGuardia Terminal B keeps travelers safe with demand control ventilation and a test UV light system for cleaning escalator handrails and elevator buttons. Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipe dispensers are everywhere for the convenience of all.

At LaGuardia Terminal B, light, air and personal space are the prominent features of the gorgeous four-level, 850,000-square-foot terminal. Along with temperature checks and rapid antigen testing, new anti-Covid-19 traveler testing tools are being deployed to help airports and destinations identify infected travelers.

New signage helps guide the crowds through 16 TSA lanes. A Smart Pad System and Advanced Imaging Technology improve accuracy in carry-on and checked luggage screening. New smart conveyor belts being used in the TSA test lab will soon handle bins filled by up to five passengers at a time, sequencing them as passengers go through the larger scanning portals, using artificial intelligence and robots to separate bins by potential security risk.

Level 4 has seats in a carpeted zone for travelers and families to relax in after clearing security. They then move on to quiet boarding areas with plenty of space for armchairs, a children’s play area, lovely artwork and even an illuminated fountain.

The 17 large restrooms are well- designed with shelves above each sink to place handbags or parcels on, as well as and hands-free toilets, faucets and soap dispensers. Portable Mamavia nursing stations are available as well. Pets can use one of two pet restrooms and several pet relief areas that even include fire hydrant sculptures!

Some of the food establishments are open now such as Junior’s Cheesecake, Eli Zabar, Dos Toros, Dunkin’ Shake Shack, Healthy Gourmet and more.  Enjoy your safe air travel!

Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible! Call us at 844-337-9674 or email us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler concierge assistance.

Air General Greeters are in full compliance with all Covid-19 safety guidance. Our air and land travel concierge agents wear masks, follow health, hygiene and distancing protocols and scope out amenities in advance of passenger arrival at the airport or train station. We provide passengers with meet and greet travel concierge services for a “touchless experience” to the extent possible. Visit our website for more information.


Beautiful sights to visit in the Washington DC Area

Washington DC night scene






Plan a visit to the Washington DC area soon – museums and attractions are beginning to open again!

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is now reopened for public visitors starting Monday, October 26.  The Museum is reopening on a limited basis with new visitor requirements and safety measures in place.

• All visitors must have a timed ticket to enter the Museum, which can be obtained on their website. Initially, they will only issue up to 250 timed tickets daily and Museum public hours will be 11:00am-4:00pm six days a week. They will be closed on Wednesdays.
• All staff and visitors will be required to have their temperature checked before entering the building, wear a mask at all times, and adhere to social distancing requirements throughout the building.
• Visitors will be able to tour the Permanent Exhibition (except the two theaters on the 4th floor), the Hall of Remembrance, the American Witnesses exhibition, and the Children’s Tile Wall.

Martin Luther King Memorial Library is also now open.

Ford’s Theatre began a phased reopening yesterday, with advance tickets required. Tickets are available via at (888) 616-0270. They are limiting groups to no more than 6 tickets/order, with no large groups allowed.

Air General Traveler Services Greeters can make the airport part of your journey easy and safe. Call us at 844-377-9674 to book a Greeter at Washington-Dulles International Airport, at Thurgood Marshall Baltimore International Airport or at Reagan Airport. Let Air General Traveler Services Greeters help you travel as safely and hygienically as possible!  Contact us to arrange dedicated and personalized traveler assistance and visit our website for more details.

Come to New Jersey for Autumn Fun!

Vacationing in New Jersey can be a bit safer than many of our coastal and mountainous locations in the USA largely because Covid-19 numbers are consistently trending down. New Jersey remains a great place for family fun, but before packing your bags watch the latest travel advisories from state government, and check on private concierge options with Air General Traveler Services.

Under the 14-day quarantine travel advisory announced by the Governors of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, individuals traveling to/returning to New Jersey from states with increasing rates of COVID-19 are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by train, bus, car, plane, etc. The self-quarantine is voluntary, but compliance is expected.

Whether you’re planning a hotel, casino stay, golf weekend, outdoor adventure, or a day at the beach, New Jersey has plenty to offer. Hotels, bed and breakfast and other overnight options have increased their cleaning schedules which can affect check in and out times, so be sure to confirm with your accommodation provider.

Before winning the BIG Jackpot at the casino, know what you should expect regarding dining options and restrictions. New Jersey has reinstated provisions for indoor dining with strict guidelines and sanitary requirements. The casinos could be shutting down certain tables or slot machine areas throughout the day for cleaning so make sure you plan your winning strategy accordingly.

Reservations for indoor or outdoor dining are highly recommended to limit wait times. For take-out dining, try ordering online or thru a mobile app for discounts and to limit contact through currency transactions. The great outdoors provides a wonderful way to connect with nature and shake off all the worries of high contact surfaces in our daily lives.  Before returning home enjoy some of the fresh produce from one of the “garden state” farmers markets!

If your plans call for travel by air or by train, consider contacting Air General Traveler Services for a private Greeter to enjoy a seamless, contactless airport experience to ease concerns associated with current travel regulations. Read about our Meet & Greet product at